September Was Thin

So not a lot of posts this month. I apologize. Given that I was offline from the 3rd to the 17th, I think I did okay on volume. You’ve got one more beyond this, and that’ll auto-publish tomorrow; it’s my 101 Things update post for September.

So other than the wedding and honeymoon what else happened? Let’s see…

• I developed a deep and meaningful relationship with my iPad, which was my wedding gift from Kate. Holy god, the thing is seriously awesome. The “it’s just a big iPod Touch” line is seriously bunk. Easier to type on, easier to browse the web with (bigger screen), apps have much more usable interfaces. I can see merit behind Best Buy’s claims that it’s killing their sales of netbooks.

• The MBL/Bike612 issue came to the forefront when I made the founder of MBL, Jeremy Werst, cry. I was trying to foster some discussion around a business plan, and got myself banned. Sort of. See, he claims to have banned me by email address and IP number (the latter of which is pointless when you have Tor or a proxy server), but I can still log in. I haven’t posted anything since the pseudo-ban, though. The upside is that the resulting pseudo-ban created a huge jump-start for Bike612. I’ve been turning the other cheek with regards to Werst’s behavior, even when he advocated physical violence against me, but it’s been difficult, especially with some of the claims he’s making over there.

• Married life is awesome. We’re home, we’re happy. We’re ridiculously in-love. We recently took the first step toward having a kid. Yes, there’s a real chance that I’ll be procreating sometime in the near future. Behold, the seventh seal hath opened. In all seriousness, though, things are going really well. I’m happy and content and glad I get to be with Kate for the rest of my life.

• The 29er frame is off at paint. The first stage is them laying on a bunch of brilliant white. I spent some of my lunch hour today going to get paint — I’m going with a really fine metallic black, the same as they used on Mercedes models in 2008-2009. Probably tomorrow night I’ll be masking it and it’ll go back into the booth this weekend for the black and the clearcoating. I do need to track down a seatpost, seat and collar for this sucker, but other than that, after this weekend she’ll be ready to kick some serious ass. I’m very excited.

4 thoughts on “September Was Thin”

  1. Today I revisited MBL after getting annoyed with hereNT’s sideway comments towards me (long ago it seems now) fall/winter of 2008. I heard about your “banning.” Basically I was attempting to start a grass roots greenway patrol group, much in the same style and manner as a neighborhood block patrol, except on bikes. I used the greenway daily for my commute to work, and I was getting tired of all the recent bike-jackings, muggings, and violence on innocent people just trying to get from point A to B. I myself witnessed a violent encounter at the intersection of Hiawatha and the greenway.

    What I found out is that I must have been interfering with some weird, deep, political good-old-boy style planning between folks at the greenway coalition and some key MBL members… some stuff that didn’t include me and my ideas. I was an unknown on MLB and people didn’t know me. So when I showed up out of nowhere and made some comments to someone on MBL who worked at the greenway coalition, he took offense. hereNT made an appearance at a coalition meeting, and his whole tune changed. “join the google group if you want to plan greenway patrol stuff” is basically what he said. His concerns were legal stuff. My argument was: how could you possibly ignore the liabilities of advertising drunken riding parties and “u-lock justice” stories on your forum while at the same time derailing my ideas for a greenway patrol? I called up the Whittier Walkers, a neighborhood patrol group who had been operating for 15 years and never had legal issues. I left MLB puzzled and disillusioned.

    I hope hereNT’s involvement in the new forum is minimal at best.

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