Shoulder Issues

So as I’d previously mentioned, I have some shoulder issues. Earlier this week, a run-through of the Fit Kit revealed a seat that was too low and a stem that was too long. The seat was easy to fix and a new stem is on-order and should arrive on Saturday.

I’ve been paying much closer attention to that trapezius muscle since then, and discovered that I have some really bad habits that — when combined with my tendency to store stress in my shoulders — are not helping the issue, either.

At work and at home, when at my desk, I slouch. That’s being resolved. I’ve also spent a lot of time leaning on my left arm. That’s being resolved.

I may track down a massage therapist, or visit the training accupuncture place in Bloomington, this week and get some time and attention paid to that general area. Need to get that dealt with before ‘cross season kicks in.