Well, for once the Weather Terrorists were mostly right, and we wound up having the fifth-largest single-storm snowfall in the recorded history of the state. And last night the bottom dropped out, temperature-wise, which has led to an awesome weekend.

It didn’t really start until Friday night, late. Probably around 11pm. Kate had me stock up at Target before coming home — just essentials, of course. I had plans to spend Saturday morning at the gym and do some CAD work on the new Pallas Athena dropouts in the afternoon. Ultimately, neither of those happened. Mostly, we sat around and watched TV. We attacked Laundry Mountain. We would occasionally look out the window at our cars and laugh at the amount of snow piling up on them. We did shovel our sidewalk and front steps. Later that evening, since supplies were low, I strapped on my snowshoes and schlepped about 14 blocks to the liquor store for a bottle of wine and some soda. It was a pretty epic trip, and I met/chatted with a ton of people along the way, and saw some interesting stuff.

On Sunday morning we got up, thinking we had to have Kate’s car off the side of the street she was parked on by 8 a.m. We didn’t really start until about then, which was no big deal. Even though she was one of only two cars on that side, the plows hadn’t been through, she wasn’t tagged for towing, or anything like that. We cleared her out pretty quickly, and she got out onto the snow emergency route. We followed that up with a trip to Keegan’s for brunch, which is always excellent. Later in the day when she went off to her yoga class, I buckled down and freed my car, and helped the neighbors with their two. The WRX handled the crap just fine. After that, it was more laundry, TV, and I made a batch of brownies.

It’s about 0530 as I write this. I can’t tell if the opposite side of the street has been plowed yet. Doesn’t really look like it. Our side certainly hasn’t been touched. Betcha the drive to work is going to suck pretty hard.

Things of note:

  • The Metrodome roof caved in, and it did a ton of damage.
  • I saw a Hummer stretch limo cruise down Broadway on Saturday night during the snowshoeing.
  • Counted a ton of cars in the ditch or just stuck in the middle of the road. A lot of these were SUVs, which further proves that size does not trump skill.
  • Figured out some of Kate’s Xmas gifts.
  • Bought Medal of Honor for the PS3.
  • Installed BRL-CAD.