So Friggin’ True

My friend Jeff, whom I’ve known since high school (but haven’t seen in more than a decade, which sucks), posted this to Facebook. For those not following my repost over there, I’m including it here, because it’s one of those things that .

I so want to rant against the pseudo-intellectual ignorance that people try to pass off in order to make themselves feel smarter, but I have neither the energy nor the time for such a diatribe. Ultimately, these people — and the charlatans that cater to them — are a fucking drag on society that should be herded into rockets and fired into the sun.

1 thought on “So Friggin’ True”

  1. That dude is way funny. But a lot of his bit sounds like he pulled it straight from the book “Idiot America.” Especially the “balance” comments and the lack of belief in evidence.

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