This video, taken in Antalya, Turkey, is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen — a cat, hit by a car, and her companion that refused to leave her side for two hours, and then only when medics took her to the veterinarian.

Seriously, you cannot tell me that animals don’t feel emotion and don’t grieve. You cannot tell me that there’s not a soul in there.

4 thoughts on “Soul

  1. I could barely even watch it. I hate seeing hurt animals. I’m reminded every day by my cats that they’re thinking, feeling, wonderful creatures.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty horrible. The worst is that Vinnie does the kneading thing to Happy all the time, and the two of them start purring like motorboats. Seeing that happen in this video broke my heart.

  2. Wasn’t this just horrible? I saw it just a day after seeing that dog who dragged his buddy out of the way of traffic. So sad.

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