I feel this weird need to fill in the gaps in my blog right now. I haven’t been updating much and even missed the April Tinkering update (which will be rolled into an April/May update). A lot has been going on, as you’ve probably managed to infer, and it’s kept me away from a lot of time that would otherwise be spent tinkering. Having Civilization 5 back on the laptop hasn’t helped either.


Remember the ADD chronicles? Yeah, well, it’s more and more likely that I don’t have ADD. None of my meds seemed to work, and I finally went to see a specialist on the matter. I took the TOVA test twice — once while medicated, and once while unmedicated. On meds, I was on the ADD scale. Without meds, I was on the normal scale. Crazy. The thinking from the specialist is that I have a REM sleep disorder, which has symptoms that include “ADD-like symptoms.” Go figure. On the 21st, I pick up a wearable monitor and in early June, I have a full-on sleep study scheduled. Hopefully that will help with my focus and my motivation. I’ve already cut way back on the caffeine, and I’ve made a point to not drink it close to bedtime. It seems to be helping. But I envision a future in which I need to make better choices about diet, exercise more, and sleep more (i.e.: better sleep hygiene).

Effectively, more self-care is going to be necessary.


Last year, I started keeping a diary — a nice, leather-bound book, but I never really made a daily habit of it. In the words of Tom Petty, “Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks.” And that makes it hard to build the habit. So I stole the idea of a daily logbook from Austin Kleon. I scribble a few bullet points about each day, rather than trying to dig for inspiration where there may not be any. This way, when something happens that merits writing about in the big book, I have context around it, and I can spread the writing over a more lengthy time-frame.

For my logbook, I scored a 2018 Moleskine day planner (pocket size), which was dirt-cheap, given that it’s mid-May. Thanks, Amazon.

I think I’m going to stick with the paper format for the long-term, in spite of my planning for something similar that is web-based. More on that project as it develops.

Career Track

This year, I decided that it makes some sense to go back to being a developer. I kinda fell into the project management track over 15 years ago, and I’ve been doing it since. The thing is, I miss dev work. I miss the flow state that I get into as I write code, which I was doing recently for a freelance project. Hard to do that as a PM, especially when you have a lot of projects and you spend your days putting out fires. So I’ve been working on getting my chops back up — I’m already solid with HTML5/CSS3, and I’m getting my Javascript skills honed again. jQuery is a thing I’ve played with and need to hone, and ReactJS and AngularJS are both interesting to me. PHP I’ve managed to stay somewhat current on, but I need to get up to speed, and identify another language in which to code on the back-end. I’m thinking maybe Python, for the versatility.


Things have been nuts. I’m still alive, though, and grinding right along.