Stuff and Things

Overextended myself by about an hour last night. Was up until 11 p.m., and I’m feeling it today. Clearly, 10 p.m. is my cutoff.

Last night, I got overwhelmed with the garage clutter that’s been building up over the winter, so I buckled down and got the place cleaned and organized, in order to be a lot more efficient about the work I’m plowing away on. I’m of the opinion that environment has a tremendous impact on workflow, and I think the chaotic space I’ve been hammering away in hasn’t helped things. Thus, last night’s hammering away.

Things aren’t 100%, but they’re much improved. I still need to figure out some storage issues, finish the insulation/drywall project, and build some extra workbench space. That’s all in-queue for June and July.

The upcoming “bachelor” weekend will be a great opportunity for making headway on the workload, plus getting some around-the-house projects done.