Sunday Flèche Ride Report

Short form: Not bad. This was my first time on the bike since the car accident, and I was a little paranoid. I couldn’t have picked a better ride, for all that I did though.

The Flèche has the perfect motto — “look pro, go slow” — so I wasn’t worried about it becoming a hammerfest or anything. (Though I did contest (and win) the half-assed group KOM on the Sabo Bridge.)

This was my first ride in years with a functional Powertap, which I managed to get working while I was down with the back issues. My power output wasn’t amazing by any stretch of the imagination, but it was nice to start gathering that data again. I’ll be using this with Zwift this winter — but I do think I need to think about getting a new stationary trainer as part of that. The Cycleops Powerbeam Pro ANT+ looks like the ideal situation, but with money such as it currently is (about to drop $20K on siding), I’m going to have to slap it on my wishlist and hope for the best.

saddlemountI also got to test my saddle-rail based GoPro mount, which I designed myself in TinkerCAD, and 3D printed at the office. It works well. The file can be downloaded at that link, in case you have access to a 3D printer. Just requires you to have a few M5 allen screws and bolts. The next time, I’ll make sure there’s no dirt on the camera housing, but here’s the sample video for now:

And here’s the ride itself on Strava.

Image Credits: nullrend/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.