Sunday Task List

  • retrieve welding stand from Wyganowski’s
  • pick up frame from powdercoat
  • set up welding stand and fixture
  • inventory new order from Nova
  • organize small frame parts
  • braze a ton of shit today
  • litterboxes
  • unpack office
  • fix rear brake pads on 29er
  • start repairs on road bike drivetrain
  • upload a ton of framebuilding images to Flickr

So yeah, I better get crackin’ on this one.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Task List

    • I have a setup that I TIG welded together out of 4″ square tubing. It’s got a vertical beam with holes drilled in it and I mount a Park PRS-4W-1 to it, which is what holds the work pieces while I do my brazing.

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