T-Minus 59 Days and Counting…

Last night was a busy night on the wedding prep front. My first stop was mom’s place where I picked up a whole slew of childhood pics of me. Second stop was at my dad and stepmom’s place, for the same reason. I got a pretty solid stack of photos, and tonight I’ll have to upgrade to a new version of VueScan, so that I can run my crappy old scanner. (Of course, I could pay $20 more and get a new one…maybe we’ll go that route.)

It was an interesting experience — saw a ton of a pictures that I hadn’t seen before, things I don’t even remember. Great pics of some of our earlier cats — Shadow, Spots, Patches, Spook, etc. I’ll definitely be posting some of those soon.

We basically finished the invitations last night. They just need return addresses and sealing and then they’re ready to go in the mail. Thank god. That’s another huge step out of the way.

On Monday, we went and added to our registries considerably.

Got my appointment for my suit next Wednesday.

Got the dentist (check-up, cleaning, and fitting for whitening trays) today.

On the bike front, things have stalled with the framebuilding. And I’m itching like hell to get back to it. I may spend some time tonight working on the 29’er’s fillets.

My Chris King order is en route. Singlespeed disc hubset, two headsets, some RingDrive lube, and a 16T singlespeed cog. Most of it is for the 29’er, but the second headset (1″, red anodized) is for the commuter frame — which is underway, too, but well behind the 29’er where progress is concerned.

I’m sure there’s more to report. I’m too tired to write much more. Going to schedule this for posting.