Hacks: April 2017

“Well, shit, that month didn’t go so well, did it?” That was the first thing that went through my head when I started this draft and started thinking about what tinkering I’d done in April. Of course, I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that it was April 18th when I started the draft and that I had almost two full weeks left in the month. Here’s what I got after in April:

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Hacks: October 2016

Another month of tinkering is behind me. I’ve been plugging away at stuff and here’s what I’ve got — more code, more bike stuff, developments on the 3D printing front, and so forth.

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Image Credits: Efraimstochter/.

3D Printer Project Update

RepRap 3D Printer

The project to build my own 3D printer has stalled a bit lately. Largely because the house needed new siding, and that’s almost $20K worth of work. As I’ve tendered my resignation at Stratasys and will be losing access to free 3D printing, this is going to force me to step things up a bit if I want to keep creating new things.

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Image Credits: Deezmaker/.

RepRap/CoreXY: Progress Report


The RepRap project has slowed a bit, but that’s only because of my need to order a bunch of parts on a time-constrained budget. The Arduino/RAMPS 1.4 package is here, and as I write this draft a few other electrical components are en route.

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Image Credits: Russ Nelson/Creative Commons/ShareAlike.