Back At It…Sort Of

So yesterday I started a new job — it’s not a full-time gig in my career path, but it does help pay the bills while I hunt for a new gig. I’m spinning wrench in a bike shop again, this time at Bokoo Bikes, not far from my new domicile. In a five hour shift, I got my head wrapped around their workflow, did some HR paperwork, did one large-scale tune-up, and jockeyed some smaller walk-in tasks. I enjoyed it, and it set the tone for the rest of the day.

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Oh, the Geekery

Last night, at poker, it was determined that there should be a new hand: the “prime straight.” This would be A-2-3-5-7 or 2-3-5-7-A (whomever was smart enough to claim the ace as an 11 would win the apparent tie). There would also be the “prime straight flush”, of course.

We also discussed the A11 Offense, a new scheme in football which puts a center and two tight ends in front of two quarterbacks in the shotgun, and six wide receivers. From the website:

The A-11 features up to all eleven players wearing an eligible receiver jersey number, either 1-49 or 80- 99, with two quarterbacks in the shotgun formation at 7 yards, and with nobody under center – thereby meeting the criteria for a scrimmage kick formation. In “base” sets, the A-11 Offense has a center, and a tight end on each side, and three wide receivers to the right, and left respectively. By spreading the potentially eligible receivers across the entire field, it forces the defense to account for every possible receiver on each play. Of course, on any given play, only six of those players can go downfield to catch a pass, and the five “covered” players remain ineligible to catch a downfield pass on that particular play.

Pretty nifty stuff, really. I’m hoping that it’ll be a possible addition to the next version of Madden, and I’d love to see some NFL team play some A11 this year or next.

In other geekitude, I’m building a new Wintel machine.

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Track Frame Woes

So. I was all geared-up to employee purchase a Felt TK2 frameset to race on the track this year. Unfortunately — and not just for me — the shop I work for elected to drop Felt as a product line. I was pretty gung-ho about this frameset — I’ve always been impressed with Felts from the first time I encountered them, and had been considering an F1X as a pit bike for ‘cross this fall.

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Frostbike ’08 Recap

So Frostbike, QBP‘s miniature trade show, has come and gone. I hit both weekend days, learned a lot, met a bunch of cool people, and came away with a bunch of free schwag and evil ideas.

Saturday was a pretty good day. I rolled in just before 10am, cruised the expo floor, and then spent the rest of the day learning everything I could about running a bike shop.1 My first stop was a seminar on inventory management where I had my mind absolutely blown by the volume of what I didn’t know. Lunch followed, then another swing through the expo floor, where I talked to the guy from Oval Concepts about their aerobar line, chatted with the dude from Crank Bros. about the future of their product line, and then cruised back upstairs for a seminar on the cost of doing business — a 90-minute session that covered everything from initial start-up capital, to applying GMROI to employees, to the transition from credit-based operations to cash-based operations. At the end of the day, my head was spinning, I was more psyched than ever to get my shop opened, and I had resolved to go out and get myself an MBA.

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