44 Orbits

When he crossed the Delaware River to attack Trenton, George Washington was 44 years old1. At the time, life expectancy for an adult male was 35 years old2. Due to the temporal disconnect we have with our history, it becomes pretty easy to compare your life to that of someone you’ll never know, whose lifestyle was completely different from your own.

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Birthday Recap

The longest part of my day was sitting in the office, plugging away at my end-of-year reporting and analysis. Once it was time to go, it was time to go. My first thought when I hit the parking lot was, “Jesus, am I the only one who works a full eight hours?”

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Hello, Thirty-Eight, How Are You?

So today I am 38, at the beginning of my 39th year on this mortal coil. I’m that much closer to the dreaded four-oh, and have been contemplating much of my life as of late. I was inspired to write this post by @RedheadWriting, who is slightly ahead of me, chronologically speaking. And probably in other -oloigcal areas. Her post about things she can’t get away with anymore was great, and it hit home on a few. Like the “sport drinking” thing. The thought of doing tequila shots at a swim-up bar in Jamaica again actually makes me twitch a little bit.

In my thirty-eighth year, I managed to do some awesome stuff, learn some hard lessons, and come to some realizations that there are things I can no longer do. The lessons of 2010 I have queued up for another post, so let’s cover the awesome first, then the “must quit”…

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