Comeback Road

Yesterday I did my longest ride in two years, and while it wasn’t ideal — a couple of flat tires, $110 in repairs at the 25-mile mark, problems with my powermeter, bonking hard, etc., I still had a great time. During the ride, I had time to think a bit about what I was doing and how I felt about biking.

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Commuting Experiment

Salsa Campeon 2007

Friday was my first attempt to ride to work from the new place in Chaska. It’s a roughly-25 mile haul, 95% of which is on a rail/trail path that runs all the way to downtown Minneapolis. The first 13 miles or so are crushed limestone, and it’s paved the rest of the way in.

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Nice Ride, Man

So as winter enters its really deep months, I find myself wanting very much to build myself a new commuter frame to ride to work. (I have almost the whole … Read more