Why You Need a Bell

Seriously, this might be the most awesome movie I’ve ever seen. When I’m at the shop tonight, doing my usual shift, I’m buying one for the commuter bike, and one … Read more

Commuter Bike

This will be my final “update” post before the actual building of the commuter bike, as the final part has been ordered: the wheels. Rather than giving Tom, our service … Read more

Things of Minor Import

So I’m almost to the completion-point on the commuter bike. Yesterday while at the shop, I ordered the rear shifter and the front brake cable hanger. This leaves me with one thing left to order: the wheels! That happens this Wednesday.

I’ve been getting prepped for the videoblog entries for this site. I now have, in my grubby little paws, a Flip Video Ultra, and I’m going to start video blogging. I’m going to try for a twice-a-month schedule, and hopefully get to a point where I do that, along with a special feature once or twice a month.

What do these two have to do with each other? When it comes time to assemble the bike, I’ll be setting up the camera, filming it, and then doing a high-speed feature so you’ll see the whole bike come together in a five-minute span, rather than the ~1 hour it’ll take.

This coming Saturday, I’m going to take it for a shakedown cruise and ride from home to the office and back, just to check out the route and make sure that everything will go smoothly for future rides.

My planned route:

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