My Commuting Future

Surly Cross-Check

[If you’re here for more information on commuting by bicycle, try starting with this particular entry.]

Not a lot exciting to report here. Racing season was supposed to kick off on Sunday, but I didn’t make it. There’s an opportunity tonight, but I don’t have the energy for it. I could race on Saturday, but there’s this century ride on Sunday, and it’s my last ride with my friend/riding compadre, Liz, before she heads off for her medical residency in Buffalo (NY) and I never see her again.

Progress on the track bike has stalled — don’t think I’ll be racing the velodrome this year due to financial constraints.

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Intro to Bike Commuting, Part IV

Photo by jessflickr. Licensed under the Creative Commons.

I’m hoping that my earlier posts about bicycle commuting got some of you inspired to get out there and start riding. Here in Minnesota, it’s still a little bit on the cold side, and (as I write this) in almost the middle of April we’re under a winter storm warning. I’ve been working on building a commuter bike, since my commute is about 7.5 times longer than it used to be. A single-speed won’t suffice anymore. (I’ll detail the completed bike in a future post.)

So. You’ve been commuting. You’re probably dropping weight, and starting to see a general improvement in your moods. But things could be better. This section will discuss things to improve your commuting experience.

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