The Economics of Bike Commuting

So recently, I started bike commuting again. It’s a long haul from home to work, and I stopped driving over a month ago and have switched to primarily the bus, with the bike subsituting once or twice a week.

Immediate Costs

Assuming $3.59/gallon of gas, and $6.25 for a day of parking, taking the car would cost $13.43 per day, or $67.15 per week.

The bus is $3 each way, for $6 per day, or $30 per week.

The bike costs $0.00 each way, making it effectively cost-free.

Given the costs, driving to work is just fucking stupid. With the weather, I’m operating under the assumption that riding year-round is, at best, foolhardy, and suicidal at worst. Hence, I’ll do savings analysis for a 4-week (mythical month), 26-week (the realistic block of time in which I can commute in a given year), and a 52-week (yeah, right).

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On Bike Commuters

There is no better way to deliver righteousness than through humor. I agree with everything the dude says, by the way.