Apple’s Impossible Bar

About the time I upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 8, I was already starting to have concerns about Apple‘s ability to continue to “surprise and delight” its users, especially without a tyrant like Jobs at the helm. My recent experiences in light of that upgrade, and the discovery that my phone is among those affected by the Home/Power button bug, were mildly annoying. It’s when I’ve attempted to get the issues dealt with that things have kind of gone to shit.

What’s Happened to Me

Without delving too deeply into the shit, I’ve gone to two Apple stores locally re: the button issue. The first Genius Bar was helpful but had no Verizon loaner phones and encouraged me to call around. The second I encountered a massive queue (both pre-scheduled and walk-in) that it didn’t fit with my schedule, which is fine, but when I inquired as to whether or not they had Verizon loaner phones, I was met with an interesting mix of indifference and condescencion that left me cold. I walked away and decided to just “deal with a shitty phone.”

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A Bad Marketing Experience

So last week I had a pretty annoying experience being on the receiving end of a marketing technique that I felt was very poorly timed. (I’m not going to name names of the caller or his company.)

My employer uses Silverpop for email marketing. I was doing some troubleshooting as I’m semi-new to the platform and was having a pretty rough time with their support portal. Before thinking of finding a 1-800 number for the company and calling it, I went on the Online Complaint Engine (that is to say, “Twitter”) and groused about their support.

The initial response from Silverpop was a little annoying, but I eventually got a ticket opened and had my issue resolved.

So where’s the shitty part?

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Customer Service Lesson

This week I spent several hours on unanticipated work caused by an as-yet unidentified fault at one of our service providers. I won’t delve into details (nor name the provider), but I will state that the end result was a that I had a large number of clients who were extremely upset, and for the second time this calendar year, our service provider has egg on their face.

Thus, I have been not only attempting to keep up with my current workload, but I’ve been placating the understandably irritable clientele, and trying to wrangle answers and a solution out of the service provider. As I write this, I have managed the former — clients placated, problem solved.

Resolving the exact cause at the service provider is what remains to be done.

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