Hacks: December 2016

December was another month of reduced tinkering. This is probably because the new job was keeping me really busy, and that was compounded by the holidays. So what’s been shaking? Hmmm. Not much, I guess.

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3D Printer

hammer, wrench, misc tools

At this point, I’m just waiting for the heated bed to arrive so I can start assembling the 3D printer. I guess I could get started without it, though. Something Eddy and I can tackle for a bit on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Image Credits: Public Domain Pictures/.

Hacks: November 2016

November’s tinkering was reduced by life and holiday stuff — new job, Sam’s birthday, the start of the holidays, a death in the family, and so on. It’s been a rough month. I did manage to escape here and there to accomplish a few things, however, and that was good for my mental health.

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Return to the RepRap

3D printer head

The end of October and the beginning of November saw me get back to working on my RepRap-powered 3D printer project. It had been stalled for quite awhile, and to kick things back into gear, I went ahead and got some more of the much-needed materials so that I could start tinkering again.

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Image Credits: Jonathan Juursema/.

RepRap/CoreXY: Progress Report


The RepRap project has slowed a bit, but that’s only because of my need to order a bunch of parts on a time-constrained budget. The Arduino/RAMPS 1.4 package is here, and as I write this draft a few other electrical components are en route.

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Image Credits: Russ Nelson/Creative Commons/ShareAlike.