Duluth Mountain Biking

For the weekend of the Fourth, we loaded up the Family Truckster and schlepped the whole family to the Duluth area to spend time with family. Given the duration of the stay, this was a great opportunity to partake of Duluth’s singletrack. I went up there with the intent of riding Hartley, Lester Park, and Piedmont — I simply couldn’t ride everything in one go.  Well, maybe I could have, but I had other plans up there as well.

The Gear

For the bike, I was riding a full-rigid steel 29er. Nothing super-fancy. I took a spare cog with me, given the hilly nature of the area, so I was equipped with a 32×16, which was my usual, and and 32×18 as my “oh shit hills” gear. Other than that, typical Camelbak, spandex, helmet, etc. Nothing outside the norm for a mountain biker.

I was going to spend the first half of the Fourth of July out riding the trails. So I woke up early, discovered that my 18-tooth wasn’t going to work with the chain length on the bike, but I said “fuck it” and went and rode anyway. Gearing be damned!

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