2016 Fantasy Football Recap

I try to limit my yammering about fantasy football because I imagine that it’s about as entertaining as someone yammering about their ongoing Dungeons and Dragons game1. So this is the second part of a two-part series on my 2016 season.

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Fantasy Football 2016 Season Preview

I don’t talk about fantasy football much on here. It’s just…well, I’m not super-rabid about it like some people. I enjoy it, it’s fun, it makes me more invested in football than I otherwise would be. It’s Dungeons & Dragons for jocks, when you get right down to it. Whatever the case, this is going to be my one annual post on the topic.

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FF Update: Week Five

Opponent: Clonzluver Result: Loss Score: 123.51 to 84.67 Season Record: 1-4 Thoughts: Goddammit, I did everything right. Everything. I’m too goddamned irritated to write about it in-depth, so I’m leaving … Read more

FF Update: Week Four

Opponent: Deg’s Devestators Result: Loss Score: 128.11 to 100.56 Season Record: 1-3 Thoughts: Wow, this is turning into the Season of Ragrets. I’ve got a decimated RB corps, I’m dying … Read more