Greg LeMond’s Dumbshit Idea

As the years have worn on, Greg LeMond has taken a turn in my eyes and appears to have become a bitter, curmudgeonly old man. As soon as Lance Armstrong won his first Tour, Greg has begun muttering about doping and cheating as if it’s this new, horrible thing that has ruined cycling. As Lance won more Tours, more events, and eclipsed LeMond’s success, Greg’s complaining, drama-creating, attention-seeking garbage became more loud and more pathetic. When Floyd Landis won* a Tour, Greg was vaulted into the limelight more directly. I always found it strange that Greg never gunned for Tyler Hamilton — but oh, that’s right, Tyler Hamilton never “tainted” Greg’s legacy by winning a Tour de France.

So, eventually, everything went away. Landis was found guilty of doping and was summarily suspended. Lance was in retirement. And we didn’t hear much from Greg.

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Review: Pedro’s Vise Whip

It’s not often that I see a bike tool that makes me salivate, and really I can’t remember the last innovative idea I’ve seen in bike tools. Sure, there’s new items every year from Park and other companies to accommodate the various new foo-foo standards — and these days that’s mostly around the plethora of bottom bracket styles. My first thought upon encountering the Pedro’s Vise Whip was, “Holy crap! Why didn’t someone think of this twenty years ago?”

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