Hello, Doctor

How the time played out at the VA last night: Check-in: 30 seconds. First episode of Simpsons on iPhone: 22 minutes. TED Talk #1: 17 minutes. TED Talk #2: 14 … Read more

Health Addendum

Okay, so results of the MRI are in: I have some degradation of my C6-C7 disc in my neck. This does not come as much of a surprise to me. … Read more

Hello, Medical Day

I’ve got a physical at 1pm today. That was on the agenda well before the weird neurological symptoms that landed me in urgent care over a week ago, and the … Read more

The Fun Continues

So remember my shoulder issues? It’s taken an interesting turn, and I suspect it’s related to an upper-back injury I acquired over a year ago. Yesterday, while watching TV, I … Read more