Honeymoon Recap

So the honeymoon was a pretty smooth operation all around. I took notes the whole time, so that I’d have the ability to write a very thorough recap of the whole experience.

Tuesday, September 7th
The alarm went off around 0230 or 0300. Something like that. We left the house for the airport at 0400. For you civilian types, that’s “cold and dark”. It was raining a bit when we left home. I checked in from Foursquare at the airport, and putzed around on Twitter, steeling myself for a ten day span without the Interwebs. When we got to our layover in Atlanta, I was in Foursquare again and saw a listing for a Chick-Fil-A. Stoked! Alas, it wasn’t listed on the map I looked at, so I settled for Dunkin Donuts instead. On the Atlanta-Jamaica leg of the trip, I started reading Cory Doctorow’s For the Win on the iPad while Kate was all stoked about her Kindle. In Jamaica, I was very surprised at just how casual customs were. Within minutes of clearing customs, we were whisked off to the resort. We unpacked, changed into beach clothes and took a walk on the beach before having dinner at Bayside. We were floored by the quality and presentation of the food, something that we would learn was normal, not the exception. We passed out early, due to being exhausted.

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