An Abundance of Riches

All my life, I’ve been plagued by an onslaught of great ideas. If you know me for any amount of time, you know that this is both a blessing and a curse. An idea falls in my lap, and I get started on the pursuit of that idea, and then while that’s underway, more ideas crop up and they’re interesting…more interesting than the actual execution of the current project. You could say that I subscribe to Shiny Object Syndrome, which is a hallmark of ADD1. One of my big goals has been to really rein in that crap, because it really does nothing but create a lot of frustration/regret/etc.

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Idea Farm

Lately, I seem to be the fountain of fucking awesome ideas. I go through bursts with this, really. I’ll have a whole stream of ideas that need to be addressed … Read more

Track Frame Woes

So. I was all geared-up to employee purchase a Felt TK2 frameset to race on the track this year. Unfortunately — and not just for me — the shop I work for elected to drop Felt as a product line. I was pretty gung-ho about this frameset — I’ve always been impressed with Felts from the first time I encountered them, and had been considering an F1X as a pit bike for ‘cross this fall.

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TV and Sci-Fi

So a friend, via IM, asked me if I could re-write a show, similar to what Ron Moore has done so brilliantly with Battlestar Galactica, what would I do? And it hit me. The idea was fully-formed in my head, it could be brilliantly done, and with a pre-defined story arc that would make for some intense, awesome viewing.

I’m going to write this treatment tonight, so once I’m a published author and someone asks if I have an idea for a TV series, my response can be an emphatic “yes,” followed up by an email with the treatment. Because, oh hell yes, this could be some serious fun.

Generally, my relationship to broadcast sci-fi has been tenuous.

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