Movie Favorites Over Time

Here’s another good challenge, this one from my friend, Amy:

At Age 10 (1982)

At this point in life, I hadn’t seen a ton of movies, and I don’t have a lot of memories before the age of 10. Knowing me, and knowing that I saw the movie in the theater with my aunt Cathy, I would venture to say that my favorite movie at the time was Empire Strikes Back. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I saw the original movie in the base theater in West Berlin and had to stand in line for hours (only one screen). That the story continued amazed me. That it ended the way it did blew my mind. It was definitely my favorite movie until Return of the Jedi and Ghostbusters, which both came out when I was twelve.

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Image Credits: Commons Zero (CC0).

Why Aren’t We Celebrating 25 Years of Major League?

Without question and despite their getting knocked out in the ALCS, the 1989 Cleveland Indians remain one of baseball’s greatest teams. In the early season, held together by a core of aging veterans like catcher Jake Taylor and pitcher Eddie Harris, the Indians struggled. When out-of-control pitcher Ricky Vaughn was diagnosed with poor vision and steps were taken to correct it, the Indians began to gel, and then began a run so improbable that if it hadn’t gone down in the record books, you’d swear it was fiction.

Okay, so it was fiction. But even despite the semi-outlandish premise (you can just cook the books to move a pro team, just ask Norm Green), it was a movie that nailed a combination of memorable characters and great humor in such a way as to be unforgettable. That it’s not getting the same level of recognition as Ghostbusters is getting for its 30th anniversary is, quite frankly, a travesty. Nay, a fucking travesty

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