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3D printer head

The end of October and the beginning of November saw me get back to working on my RepRap-powered 3D printer project. It had been stalled for quite awhile, and to kick things back into gear, I went ahead and got some more of the much-needed materials so that I could start tinkering again.

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Image Credits: Jonathan Juursema/.

Building a 3D Printer: Goals

Build a 3D Printer

So the first part of the build (the 3D printing of the structural parts) is now complete. So that’s good. I’ve been going through the BOM (bill of materials) and starting to figure out the stuff I need to order and what kind of timeline that’s going to exist on (budget is monthly, not up-front). So far, building a 3d printer has been a pretty mundane experience — the fun begins when I start getting everything put together. But in my last installment, I promised I’d expound on the goals of this project and what I’m hoping to get out of it, so without further ado…

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Image Credits: mebner1/.

Project: D-Bot CoreXY 3D Printer

So as you may (or may not) have read in my July 2016 Hacks post, I’m starting the process of building my own 3D printer (the D-Bot CoreXY). This is my first progress report. There will be more posts that follow this, of course. Hopefully, they won’t have a long gap in them like the Cyclocross Frame Build project currently has.

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Image Credits: Dan Bailey/Creative Commons Zero/Public Domain (CC0).