Happy Birthday, Sam!

Dear Sam, Today, you are a year old. And holy crap, what a year. Watching you grow from a newborn into a baby with his own interests, preferences, and personality … Read more

Updates From the Sam Front

It occurred to me recently that, while I’ve mentioned him in passing, I don’t talk about Sam too in-depth here. I guess the reasoning behind that is two-pronged — one, … Read more

Wild Times

I’ve been pretty remiss in updating this blog lately, and I’m sure that all two of my readers are highly disappointed by the lack of tripe multiple times per week. So, yeah, sorry about that. Things have been more than a little bit crazy around here. The kids are well, and healthy. The job hunt continues, with a few promising interviews having gone down in the past week. Bicycling–building and riding–has stalled with the shitty weather. I’ve been doing some writing, some of which I hope to get self-published on Amazon in the coming months. The big news is:

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