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When Sci-Fi Writers Quibble

A short while ago, John Scalzi had a post in his blog about the book Mirrored Heavens, in which there was much bantering by readers about regarding the ability of Russia to regain “superpower” status. While that was all entertaining, I felt it missed the point, and asked about whether it made sense to militarize space in a case where we’ve moved on to Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW). The author of the book, David Williams, responded to that question (poorly worded as it was) in his blog. And now I feel the need to respond here.

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TV and Sci-Fi

So a friend, via IM, asked me if I could re-write a show, similar to what Ron Moore has done so brilliantly with Battlestar Galactica, what would I do? And it hit me. The idea was fully-formed in my head, it could be brilliantly done, and with a pre-defined story arc that would make for some intense, awesome viewing.

I’m going to write this treatment tonight, so once I’m a published author and someone asks if I have an idea for a TV series, my response can be an emphatic “yes,” followed up by an email with the treatment. Because, oh hell yes, this could be some serious fun.

Generally, my relationship to broadcast sci-fi has been tenuous.

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