The Off-Season Plague seems to have vanished. By yesterday evening, all my symptoms except the swollen glands were gone. Today, those seem to have departed as well. This is a … Read more

Illness Update/Staying Motivated

So, I think I’m getting better. The fever seems to be gone, as does the sore throat. These are both good things, as I am sick to death of laying on the couch, drinking 2-3 liters of Gatorade a day, and eating chicken soup. The glands in my neck are still swollen like hell and tender to the touch. (Note, despite the swollen glands, my tongue has not turned black, so we can rule out bubonic plague. I know this disappoints some of you, but whatever.)

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An Update of Sorts

So some searching around, and I finally found a WordPress template I like enough to modify for use on this site. Some minor graphics tweaks are done, and the next step is to get that little pile of photos in the upper left corner to randomize. My PHP coding is rusty, due to some dalliance with Ruby on Rails, so that’s kinda back-burner for now. I did get Akismet up and running, so I shouldn’t be inundated with comment-spam anymore. Here’s hoping, anyway.

In the realm of the bike, I have finally gotten an arrangement made with Zipp re: the ongoing issues with the rear wheel in my 404 wheelset. I’m dropping that at the UPS store today so it can go and be fixed. I also started ordering the parts for my singlespeed mountain bike, which is going to have to be put on pause, as I (along with several others) lost my job on Monday the 3rd.

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