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A Quick List of Things

I’ve joined the growing family of HDTV owners. I don’t think I can ever watch a standard-def TV again, but at the same time, I have some serious complaints about … Read more

TV and Sci-Fi

So a friend, via IM, asked me if I could re-write a show, similar to what Ron Moore has done so brilliantly with Battlestar Galactica, what would I do? And it hit me. The idea was fully-formed in my head, it could be brilliantly done, and with a pre-defined story arc that would make for some intense, awesome viewing.

I’m going to write this treatment tonight, so once I’m a published author and someone asks if I have an idea for a TV series, my response can be an emphatic “yes,” followed up by an email with the treatment. Because, oh hell yes, this could be some serious fun.

Generally, my relationship to broadcast sci-fi has been tenuous.

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…so an item of note: old TVs can catch fire spontaneously, even when powered-off and such. For once, I am grateful to be unemployed, as I was actually home when … Read more