Well, for once the Weather Terrorists were mostly right, and we wound up having the fifth-largest single-storm snowfall in the recorded history of the state. And last night the bottom dropped out, temperature-wise, which has led to an awesome weekend.

It didn’t really start until Friday night, late. Probably around 11pm.

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Dear Phil

I’m getting sick of this winter shit. Don’t make me come out there and kick your ass, fucker.

Hello Winter

Been awhile since I’ve last posted here. Lots has been going on, but I’m not going to delve into anything prior to this weekend. First of all, I’d say that … Read more

Off-Season, Gearing Up…

So the off-season looms about 3-4 weeks away. Some of you will point out that, “Bailey! It’s November! In Minnesota! Are you nuts?”

The short answer is: yes.

The long answer is that it’s still cyclocross season, and state championships for that are on November 17th. I’ll be racing every weekend until then.

So the off-season plan? Well, I’m going to keep riding outdoors through the end of December, I suspect. This winter is going to see me in the gym a lot — weights, running, and spinning. I’m probably going to sign up for a Bikram yoga class somewhere away from the gym, and I really should learn to swim in a non-comical manner, as well.

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