Ten Ideas: Geek Bucket List

Accomplishing one of these per day is exceedingly unlikely, but I’m going to start in with lists of ten items, unfiltered, as often as I can per month. Here’s the new one.

  1. Get an on-screen cameo in a Star Wars movie as an X-Wing pilot. Or any Rebel starfighter, really.
  2. Get a Bender Bending Rodriguez tattoo.
  3. Upload my brain into a computer.
  4. Build an entire wing out of the house out of Lego.
  5. Maybe finally watch an episode of Dr. Who….or not.
  6. Movie marathon: Ice Pirates, Buckaroo Banzai, and some other obscure shitshow cult hit. In a row.
  7. 3D print a set of Iron Man armor. (Fun typo: “Iran Mon” — who is probably a half-Jamaican, half-Iranian superhero.)
  8. Find a way to get on Elon Musk’s first Mars Colony crew as the guy who is there to write the book on what happened. Caveat: whole family endeavor, soooo unrealistic.
  9. Land a “thank you” in the end section of a John Scalzi book.
  10. Write a book or short story that gets optioned as a movie by J.J. Abrams.