Ten Ideas for Open Source Hardware Projects

I only plan to pursue one or two of these. These are just ideas that are popping into my head as I write the list.

  1. CNC Laser Engraver.
  2. CNC Lathe. (Light duty, duh.)
  3. CNC Mill, micro-benchtop style.
  4. Second-gen 3D printer.1
  5. Home Analytics and Security platform. Combining Arduino, an array of sensors, and some ruggedized off-the-shelf cameras, and some 3D printed parts, you could build something comparable to a Nest suite for a fraction of the cost, that did cool stuff like report to Google Analytics.
  6. 3D printer extruder that prints with gummi bear materials.
  7. A bicycle framebuilding fixture. Another idea I’ve been futzing with since I first started building bikes, one of my upcoming projects will be to design one that works with v-slot extrusion, and then do 3D prints to test all the parts until I finalize a design. Once nailed down, I’ll have the actual parts machined so that I can have a fixture that won’t melt.
  8. Open source drill press.2
  9. Wind power generator. 3D printable blades, hookups for generator, power regulation, etc. Scalable from portable/USB charging to house-scale generation.
  10. A LEGO-based Difference Engine.

Image Credits: Public Domain Pictures/.