Ten Ideas for WordPress Plugins

It’d be fun to start a 10 Ideas blog, based on James Altucher’s idea of generating ten ideas a day, which is something I have mentioned in a previous post. Sometime during the dead-ish week between Christmas and New Years, I decided it’d be fun to take a stab at this for a month. Thus, I give you the first entry in the series, which will run for the month of January.

  1. Word Count. Sort your posts lists by word count.
  2. Post Lifetime. Set an expiration date for posts, either just reverts to draft mode, or gets shoved to the trash, based on post-level settings.
  3. Interstitials. System for popups on a page-by-page basis, each page can pop-up based on time-on-page, % of page read, or exit intent.
  4. Tabindex Control. For WCAG 2.0 compliance.
  5. Plugin Notes. A notes field for all plugins so that I can keep track of why each one of them is installed in my system.
  6. Better handling of multipart posts.
  7. RealWorld.1 Would allow you to set up dev/staging/production environments. (This would be a cold biiiiiiitch to write.)
  8. Reality Footnote, which automatically adds a pop-up explaining the logical assumptions made each time a post mentions that WordPress powers 26%2 of the Internet.
  9. Smart Drupal Import. Allows you to import a Drupal database and will help you make sense of that sort of shitshow. In the past, this has been a custom scripting issue that has made development teams want to punch me.
  10. Import from Livejournal. Would automatically import all your dumb posts from the Livejournal era, and their comments, and instantly fill up your database with a lot of thing you regret, including bad emo poetry and pictures from when you still had hair and didn’t wish you could afford laser tattoo removal.