The Adderall Chronicles

So. I’ve been on Adderall since April. I’ve dealt with one adjustment to my intake (pushed to 30mg time-release twice daily), and it’s been…interesting. It definitely mostly works on my attention issues. There are times when it feels like I still drift a bit, but that might largely be personal habits. (Habits that I developed to make myself more effective while my attention flitted about like a jackrabbit on bath salts.)

Overall So Far…

Overall, I’d call it positive. I’m definitely more on my game than I was. I haven’t developed a psychological addiction or anything — I do take days off on a regular basis, which is both weird and awesome.

Adderall Side Effects

No real impact on my creative thinking, which was a huge concern for me, going into this. So I’m pretty pleased there.

Appetite suppression has definitely been a problem, too — I think. That might also be related to the insane amount of stress I have been under. But, Kate mentioned that I was getting skinnier, and I was all “what? no!” That’s largely the reaction of someone who looks at his gut for a weight indicator. My face is definitely getting thinner and I’m definitely losing a bit of muscle mass. I think my body might be starting to eat itself because I’m not getting enough food. That ain’t good.

So I’m going to start paying better attention to my food intake and eating even when I’m not hungry. Today, I had a Pepsi for breakfast. That ain’t going to fucking cut it anymore.

Next Steps

  • Lock down the food intake problem. Make sure I’m eating enough.
  • Start figuring out a system/structure for getting through the day to help overcome the inertia of past habits.

Image Credits: Phronimoi/GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.