The Weekend of Bikes

Like most weekends, this was another bike-heavy one. I missed ARTCRANK (because I suck), but there were a couple of bike shop shifts, framebuilding, and Paris-Roubiax.

Mostly, I’ll be talking about the framebuilding.

The shop was the shop — pretty busy, but that’s to be expected this time of year. I heard ARTCRANK was seriously crowded. My closet claustrophobe1 breathed a sigh of relief after missing it. Paris-Roubaix saw another epic solo-to-victory by Cancellara, and another fail-to-do-anything of note by Hincapie.

Paul double-checks the alignment on the back end of the 29'er. Click to enbiggenate.

Hit the ground running at Paul’s place. Got the top tube mitered up and welded into place, the dropouts silver-brazed into the chainstays, and the chainstays mitered and tacked onto the BB shell. Pretty productive day, really. In addition to all that fun, I also cleaned-up the brazing work on the lug for the HT/DT joint for the commuter frame.

No idea what we’ll be doing next session. Probably the seatstays on the 29’er and the DT/BB join on the commuter frame.

1. Hah!