The Willpower Chronicles

It has been a little over a week since the Great Saturday Night Willpower Epiphany and its immediate aftermath. I figure it’s a good time to see what the start of this looks like, thus far.

Landscape of the Week

In a word: crazy. Or “busy” might fit in here, too.

Work was crazy throughout the week. One of my closest friends wound up in the hospital due to complications with a surgery the prior week. I was more than happy to help out and visit and generally try to make the experience less miserable. Also had some freelance work to do. And Kate had to go up north to say goodbye to her grandmother who is in the process of passing away, so I had the kids starting mid-day on Saturday (after my fatbike race), until Monday morning when I dropped them at their respective daycare/pre-school environments.

So yeah. “Crazybusy” might be the one word I’m looking for.


As I’ve focused on imposing my will on things like a task list, productivity has definitely improved. I frequently have shit that lives on to-do lists for weeks at a time, and make all these ridiculously overpopulated lists of things I want to tackle in a given day, which just made me frustrated by my inability to get things done. A week ago, I popped out of bed, hustled downstairs and got to work. I had been neglecting some things for far too long, and that was what got tackled first. This week has been fairly similar, particularly at work, and less so at home.

Changes to Habits

This hasn’t been as successful, but I need to learn to apply the willpower mindset to things like sleep schedule, food intake, and quitting the soda habit. I think what needs to happen here is that I need to develop a list of certain habits I want to be doing on a daily basis — those that I know are good for me, obviously — and apply the concept based on that.

A Willpower App?

One of the things I’ve been mulling over is how to build some sort of organizing system that will allow me to organize things split out between Large-Scale Projects™ (LSP), to-do tasks that advance the LSPs, and a daily habits tracker. I’ve also considered revisiting David Allen’s Getting Things Done to see if it’s a possible solution to my woes.

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