Things Afoot

So there are changes afoot. The new job is going well and I really like the people I work with and the stuff I’m doing. This Monday, after a brief talk with Kate, I decided to start taking the bus. It absolutely murdered my stress level, and I’m saving money and creating more reading time by doing it. Win all the way around.

All that said, I really want to get a commuter bike and start riding to work a couple times per week. I have almost all the parts I need — just need a new crankset and bottom bracket, both of which can be had on the cheap. And I need a frame to go with it. I already have a fork I built during my time up at Wyganowski’s, so that’s covered. I’m kinda thinking I’d like to do Columbus Zona with Llewellyn Custodian lugs (with a nifty cutout pattern). I don’t know. I’m not even sure where the money would come from for the frame materials right now. Oy.

Written Word

I’m trying to come up with better content to write here. As usual, it’s going to be a mix of rambly shit like this post, bike stuff, written word, and geek/tech/marketing stuff as well. If there’s some topic you’d like me to address, by all means, suggest it in the comments block, would you?

Away from the web, I’m also working on a few things that I plan to publish via KDP (Amazon). We’ll see how that goes. Most of this is going to be written while on the bus in the mornings and evenings.

The Kids

Sam saw a specialist this week re: his head shape. Nothing to worry about. No hockey helmet. Which also means no inappropriate jokes. I’m okay with that. This was part of a big week for the guy, who also had his six-month checkup, and has been demonstrating that he can very easily roll over in either direction and can now rotate in circles on his stomach. There’s some really inefficient pseudocrawling going on — he can move a few inches while his belly stays in full contact with the ground, but he sounds like an Olympic weightlifter about to blow out his colon on an overhead press. As you can see from the featured image, we’re starting to attempt solid foods. He was underwhelmed after being interested for weeks in what we’ve been eating.

Eddy’s doing well, too. He’s his usual affable self. Using a lot of words that clearly mean something to him, yet we can’t understand. He’s made up a few signs for things, which we’ve been sorting out (“egg” among others). Last week, we took him to the playground after I got home from work, and he’s showing a lot more confidence — he used to be tentative about a lot of things, but now he’ll work his way up to the tallest slide in the park and zip right down it.

Sekrit Projekt

More on this later. It’s sekrit!