Things Afoot

So there are things afoot that are changing rapidly for the framebuilding venture. I am absolutely floored by the generosity of people. Floored, I tell you. This is regarding the workspace issue. More on that next week after I have a firmer handle on what’s going down.

Have a bunch of tools sitting in my shopping cart at the Harbor Freight site. Going to get those ordered up today. They ain’t great quality, I know, but I have to start somewhere, right? So I’m moving on getting the mitering station set up. The three big expenses will be the workbench, the vise, and the tube blocks. Everything else is fairly reasonable.

Also, changing…the logotype. I developed the current logotype because I wanted something that I would be able to waterjet, enabling me to do raised steel logotypes on the downtube. As I don’t want to do that anymore, I’m leaning toward changing the font. And I probably will. I expect to hammer out that decision on Saturday.

Potential new logotype for Pallas Athena Custom Cycles
Potential new logotype.