Things and Stuff

• We’re a little more than halfway through March and I’ve been updating my 101 Things in 1001 Days entry for the month. Two items I’ve checked off turned out to take much longer than I anticipated (I’ve been at them both for months) — one turned out to be pretty worthwhile, and the other scared me away from a whole field of literature on a probably-permanent basis. I’m going to try to scramble through a few more of the tasks in the next two weeks. It’d be nice to knock a total of 4-5 items off the list, even if it’s unlikely.

Big day today! Buying the torch, tips, regulators, and hoses for my workshop, and ordering a bunch of workbench stuff from Enco. I’m very excited to be getting this project underway (finally). By mid-April I should be in a position where I can do some of my fabricatin’ at home. Also on the topic of framebuilding, yesday I sent out a trio of price quotes. Exciting stuff! P.S. I also ordered a bunch of tubing blocks from Paragon Machineworks, if you didn’t see my previous mention on Twitter/The Book of Faces.

• Stopping off at Peacock Groove today to chit-chat with Noren and get some opinions on a few things. Love hanging out with that dude — we have completely different ideas in design aesthetic, but we’ve got the same interests, same sense of humor, and so on. Should be a good time.

• Happy’s vet bill is going to set us back over $900, as the little goober has to have a couple of teeth pulled. I am, of course, fretting about his safety (anaesthetic + older cat = never a great combo). He’s an important part of our little family and there’d be a big hole in the “us” if anything happened to him.

• Anyone have any big weekend plans? All I’ve got is my first Saturday shift at the bike shop and a Sunday stint in the workshop. Going to try to wrap Paul’s road frame up, and get Fang’s 29er functionally complete (except for fillet finishing).