Things I am Contemplating

• First off, I am absolutely aghast at some of the ignorant/racist/stupid shit that has been cropping up on my Internet with regards to the situation in Japan of earthquake/tsunami/pending meltdowns. Without delving too deeply into it, there have been statements from the far-right wingnuts about how Karma’s a bitch, and Japan is getting what it deserves because of their attack on Pearl Harbor — nevermind that Japan lost that war in a rather frightful fashion (for those of you attending public schools in Wisconsin, we’re referring to World War II and the nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), but one has nothing to do with the other. And furthermore, Japan is a U.S. ally, and a good one. Those of you that use patriotism as an excuse to trumpet your ignorant/racist/stupid shit deserve a very large brick in the face, and I’m ashamed that there’s any overlap in our Venn diagrams (species, nationality) at all.

• SXSWi is becoming less and less appealing to me. From what I can gather at my removed locale is that it’s turned into a social media wankfest. Now, that could be because I’m following it via social media (natch) and that media format can be somewhat, well, self-serving. I’m beginning to believe that ever since Twitter rolled out the door, it’s been bandwagon the whole way. Eventually, some new idea will come up, and when it does, we’ll have another 2 years of SXSWi Copycat Syndrome, followed by everyone working in that field and trying to find ways to monetize it. I think the days of SXSWi being a venue for the truly edgy and cool are probably long gone. MAKEFest and the TED talks are probably your best bet if you want to see the future. All that said, Austin is still awesome for food and music (blues). I hope to get back there someday.

• I’m not sure if I ever knew the reason behind the implementation of Daylight Savings, but I do know that I don’t like it. My sleep schedule is normally a very precariously-balanced house of cards. I get just enough sleep to ensure that I’m a functional, pleasant homo sapiens sapiens the next day. Stealing an hour and making it darker in the early morning turns that playing-card architecture into a game of 52 Pick-Up in short order. So I’m barely holding it together today, and I would like my hour back, please. I may have to hop onto Wikipedia and figure out who thought up this DST nonsense so that my ranting has direction and lacks ignorance. It is also worth noting that caffeine and Rise Against are doing nothing for my fatigue, and I still have to work the second job tonight. Argh.

• Last fall, my boy Clint helped me out by shooting some pro-quality photos of the 29er — the first frame I built by-hand, from blueprint to welds, to rideable bike. He did a fantastic job and I owe him a ton of beer for his generosity. Those photos are over at Flickr, but here’s one of creation and creator:

Pallas Athena Custom Cycles, Frame #1 and Me, the Creator. Click to Embiggen.

3 thoughts on “Things I am Contemplating”

  1. Looks like a bike. And a cyclist. One of these is missing an 1100cc engine. Either that, or I’m far too ignorant to understand what I’m seeing.

  2. The stuff about Japan is so nauseating that I have to invent new words to describe it. The vast majority of people spouting off about this were born well after Pearl Harbor even happened. Never mind the fact that Japan suffered more than enough at the hands of the United States’ love of atomic weapons, and forget about how without the Japanese, most of these people would not have the fancy-ass computers that allow them to post their mindless, xenophobic word vomit on Facebook. People like that make me ashamed to be an American.

    I HATE Daylight Savings Time. I was getting used to seeing the sun rise on my way to work. Now, complete darkness once again. Fuck you, DST.

    The bike looks fantastic. If I had extra money for a bike, I’d commission you.

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