Things I Think About You

Dear Son,

You’ve been home for weeks now, and you’re coming up on four months since your unexpected birth. You’re about to hit two months of age, developmentally speaking, and today you started daycare and your mom went back to work.

Man, your personality and little quirks are starting to show. You’ll be happy to know that you can burp well above your weight/size, and that your farts can clear a room. Lately, though, a few things have started to happen:

• You’re finding your voice and your smile — the latter usually comes up after you utter some nifty vowel sound. We see it a lot in the morning, and today was no different.

• Based on the above, I think you’re going to be a morning person like your dad.

• I have this sneaking suspicion you’re going to be left-handed, just based on your movements. Call it a hunch.

It’s been a wild ride so far.