Things I Think

• I’m very happy that there’s going to be an NFL season this year. I’m not happy that the SportsCenter app keeps going off every two minutes with an NFL signing announcement, and so far all the Vikes have managed to do is cut some good players and sign a mediocre receiver away from Chicago. There’s rumors going around that we’re working on trading for Donovan McNabb, which a lot of people are bitching and moaning about, but is something I generally support. While he may be in the twilight of his career, McNabb is a pretty smart QB, and he’s got experience with deep runs in the playoffs. He’s a better solution than Christian Ponder or Joe Webb at this point.

• I think that moving is a Giant Barrel of Suck™. Mainly the packing part. If there’s any unassailable argument in favor of a minimalist lifestyle, it’s packing to move. I just wish that there were some way for me to get all my paper books converted to a non-DRM’ed open e-format that would work with the Kindle/iBooks apss, and an easy/fast way to rip my DVDs and Blu-Rays into an open movie format that could be easily handled by iTunes and my iPhone and iPad. That would seriously decrease my workload during a move.

Anything that increases the volume of love and the strength of love is a good thing.

• As much as I bitch about the WRX, it’s been a surprisingly trouble-free car for having almost 100,000 miles on it — a milestone I’ll hit next week. Got an oil light last night, and took it in. She’s leaking oil. So I scheduled an appointment for next Thursday to find that leak, and to do the 105,000-mile service, which includes replacing the timing belt, water pump, and so on. It’s going to be a bit spendy, but it’s worth it to keep the car on the road and running well, particularly now that my commute length is going to double. In addition to all this fun, she’ll probably need new tires this spring, and since one (possibly two) of my rims are slightly dented, I’ll probably need a new set of those as well. She’ll be paid off in less than a year, and I think I’d like to keep her around — a couple of years without a car payment hanging over my head would be a great thing.