Things That Happened This Weekend

  • The Vikings lost. Still snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, I guess.
  • Kate and I went to a Minnesota Swarm (professional lacrosse) game. Every last player on the Minnesota roster was Canadian. Did Minnesota get kicked out of the U.S. or something?
  • Kate informed me that I needed to use a better picture of Happy on his profile (see previous entries). Here’s a better picture.
  • I did not take any more pictures for my Lo-Fi project. And what is that, you may ask? It is a thing where I do stuff — specifically, use a very poor-quality, low-res (640×480) digital camera that I bought for $12 from Woot, to take pictures of that which I see around me, and then post to Flickr. Next time I update, I shall mention it here.
  • I slept. Also, I ate.
  • I drove for 30-40 minutes on highways packed with drunks (post-game) and did not get into an accident. Win!
  • I had framebuilding class. It went well.

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