Things to Do

Man. I am way behind schedule on a lot of stuff right now. Work is kicking my ass senseless, and with the impending move and other fun, I can barely keep my head above water right now.

Behind the curve on packing. Thus far, I have gotten the books and about 2/3rds of the bike room, and that’s really about it. So tonight, I’m going to hammer out the rest of the bike room and dig into the office. We close in nine days, and the movers arrive the day after that.

Riding hasn’t been happening much, and cyclocross season starts at the end of August. Right now, it’s just too damn hot to ride. Ten miles into my ride on Sunday morning, I had already blown through 3 bottles — the heat index at 9:30am was 106° Fahrenheit, and it was like riding in a sauna. I need to start getting a bit more time on the bike, though. That’ll really pick up next week after the move.

The big thing right now is framebuilding. I’ve been trying to find a way to guarantee that I won’t interrupt the manufacturing by the move, but I suspect that it’ll be a couple days’ of time to get the insulation and drywall hung in the garage, and the electrical conduits and overhead fluorescents hung. With Minnecycle coming up, I need to focus on building, so adding the insulation and drywall might wait until early October.

Reading has come to a crawl. I’ve got a few deadtreeware books that I need to address, and a pile of stuff in the Kindle. I’m getting only about 20-30 pages read per day, which is frustrating, but also better than nothing. I don’t expect my reading rate to really increase until — you guessed it — after the move.

Also, after the move, a shift in focus to healthy eating and more exercise. We’ll be very close to one of our gym locations, and there’s a lot of open road to ride, plus Murphy-Hanrehan’s mountain bike trails.