This is When the Shit Starts to Break

So the Subie hit 100,000 miles this morning on the way in to the office. You always hear that that’s the point when all the stuff on a car starts to break. The mechanic that handles my more-simple tasks (spark plugs, struts, etc.) scoffs at this and says that “until they hit 160,000 miles, Subarus are just being broken-in.”

When I look back at it, I’m really quite pleased with the durability of this car. At this mileage, with the work I’ve had done and what’s happened to it, I shouldn’t complain at all. My Honda Civic was a disaster (two transmissions, radiator and catalytic converter). My Nissan XTerra wasn’t much better (body panels coming loose including the hood, exhaust system rusted through in less than 30,000 miles). The Subaru, while it’s had its issues, has been surprisingly hassle-free for a car that’ll be seven years old in October.

We’ve been talking about new cars. With a family coming along, and the activities we undertake, it’s looking more and more like we need to get a smaller SUV, something with good mileage, and under $30K for the budget. We’ve been looking at Hondas (CR-V) and Kias (Sportage), but I’m really starting to lean toward a Subaru Outback. We’ll see.