Thoughts on the WWDC Keynote

I’ve had a few days to let it digest now, and I have some thoughts on Apple’s WWDC keynote address. I’ll cover the two main topics.

First, iOS 5. This is some amazing stuff right here. And yeah, a bunch of it is cribbed from Android, but ultimately, it looks like Apple did a better job of it. I think the Twitter integration is interesting, but will be curious to see how developers make use of it. The over-the-air sync, new notifications, and faster camera access were all long overdue. And I’m absolutely in love with the idea of reminders based on geolocation. If I can do “smart reminders” based on date/time and geolocation, I’ll be in hog heaven — remind me every 6 months, when I’m near a Home Depot or Lowe’s that I need a furnace filter. Can you imagine how much easier that will make life? I’ll be downloading this sucker to the iPad and the iPhone the moment it hits.

Secondly, OS X 10.Lion. I’m just going to have to start calling it Lion because I cannot, for the life of me, remember which iteration of OS X we’re on now. I’m wary of Lion for a lot of reasons — first and foremost is because I’m scared that it represents the first step in a move away from OS X as the operating system. Part of my love for OS X is the fact that I can stop thinking and use the UI, but if I need to geek out, I have a command line that will let me dig into the guts of the system. I’m also wary of Apple deciding that the Mac App Store will be the only way to get software onto the system — how, then, do they propose I use open source stuff that’s already out there? Will Lion Server be the way to handle this? There’s a lot of unanswered questions about the future of the platform and it’s making me somewhat wary of the situation. I want a new desktop machine and laptop, but not if the future is going to cram iOS down my throat. It’s a great mobile OS, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t have any desire to use it as my day-to-day environment.