Thursday Rocked

Did a bunch of stuff on Thursday before the weekend in northern Minnesota. Above is a picture from the time in the workshop, where I was checking the angle on the miter.

Before Noon:

  • woke up, had caffeine and Excedrin
  • wrote two blog posts for Pallas Athena
  • sent out resumés
  • woke, changed, and fed child
  • cleaned kitchen
  • bathed child after massive diaper blowout
  • load of laundry
  • cleaned up hosting server, including takedown of unused sites
  • put child down for nap
  • removed speakers, switched computer to headphones
  • cleaned up downloads folder
  • second load of laundry
  • framed up this blog post

After Noon:

  • emailed Don Walker about presenting at NAHBS
  • started mindmapping a non-fiction book on email marketing
  • second load of dishes in washer
  • took child for walk
  • viewed some tutorial videos on Scrivener
  • started writing book (900 words)
  • fed kid dinner, put kid to bed
  • cleaned up workshop
  • checked DT miter (pictured above) and brazed DT/HT joint, was smooooooth
  • began modifying BB shell angles to support short top tube geometry