Time Time Time

The bike stuff is coming along at a great clip, and the only complaint I really have is that it’s cutting into my sleep time. I haven’t been to bed before midnight yet this week. But, oh man, the productivity gains in the workshop. So amazing!

I’m plowing through my workload like you can’t imagine and by the middle of June, I should have my queue completely cleared. Holy shiznite.

Recently, Alex from A-Train gave me some pointers on brazing, and I’ve gotten both faster and better at it — I’ve got front triangles coming out of the fixture nice and straight, and last night’s check of the alignment on some chainstays had me bouncing with glee. (Spot-on, right out of the fixture.)

So yeah, chugging along. I’ve got a wedding to attend in Duluth on Saturday, which means that I lose a day, but I am okay with that. I need the break. Badly.

I also really need to get some time in front of the 101 Things list and start figuring out what to do next. (The garden stuff is happening this month! Woohoo!) But that whole endeavor is going to have to wait a bit.